PraXapp is a flexible solution platform where you can use applications tailored for your requirements, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

You can start using PraXapp solutions in minutes. There is no need to bother for costs related with buying / leasing servers, co-location, hosting, software licenses, etc. You can subscribe and pay only while you use the service; no long-term contracts and no commitments.

You can modify existing solutions without any need for technical information. You can even desing solutions for your own specific business cases from scratch. It is very easy to manage application module menus, user access rights, user profiles and business rules without any need of a technical employee.

PraXapp goes even beyond a flexible software solution platform, thanks to it's intuitive reporting module. It is a daily task to design and run the reports you created on PraXapp without any need of technical assistance. Similarly, you can make PraXapp solutions work with your existing applications by using the enhanced integration capabilities of the system.

D-Serve is a web-based, modular software solution that is designed for companies with high volume service operations. D-Serve provides extensive process management capabilities and also supports different service organization models.

D-Serve provides Mobile Tech Application, which can run on Windows 6.5 or Android platforms, for service technicians to enter service information about field operations online.

Dealers are also integrated with D-Serve via Dealer Application which is Android or Web-based.

D-Serve offers an intuitive solution for service organization requirements like order management, catalog/inventory management, contract management, service organization & management, efficient use of field staff, call center management, knowledge-base management and so on.


Our service management solution helps companies create a high-quality service organization and keep all relevant processes under control which ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty. D-Serve offers continuous tracking of service requests, efficient resource usage, fast service response times, ability to display all previous customer interactions on one intuitive interface and many more valuable features to ensure our customers' success.

  • Mobile Tech Application
  • Dealer Application
  • Personnel Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Organizational Structure Definitions
  • Order Management
  • Service Management
  • Customer Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Contract Management
  • Premium Management
  • Pricing

MSO is a set of applications designed to help Utility Companies to organize their field operations. All applications in MSO are fully integrated with major Utility programs such as SAP and Oracle Utilities.

It is a software solution that help those companies providing Natural Gas, Electricity and Water to organize observe all field operations.

MSO works fully integrated with most of the major CRM/Utilities and GIS applications used by Utility Companies.

Mobile applications running on Android and Windows Mobile are designed to minimize those problems that are commonly faced on the field. All mobile applications can be run either online or offline.


Full field control is provided with help of a set of functions such as On-going work assignment, instantaneous reporting, ability to access the terminals used in the field etc.

  • Work Order Dispatching
  • On-site Billing
  • Service Enable / Disable
  • Natural Gas Project Approval
  • Emergency Notification Service
  • Doorstep Subscription
  • Field Analysis

R&S is a web based solution that let's you automate and manage your reservation and sales processes.

You can define all your users and business partners on the application. Also, all resources that can be reserved are managed on R&S system with all information detail that the resources might have. Access and operation rights for all users and partners are managed from within the system granularly. Partners are able to logon to a seperate portal application that is fully integrated with the core system.

R&S, let's you reserve resources either by selecting them one-by-one, or utilize a "model based" approach. Reserving by models make it possible for you to complete the job with just a "single click" by streamlining complicated and time consuming reservation process.

R&S, which can be integrated with your accounting and other back-office systems, offers enhanced features like real-time reporting, flexible temporary reservation management, resource locking, etc.

R&S is designed to increase your reservation and sales process efficiency thus letting you do more with less employees. Additionally, you'll enjoy the comfort of eliminating process errors that are common in organizations with heavy work load.

  • Employee/User Management
  • Resource Management
  • Pricing
  • Partner Management
  • Partner Portal
  • Contract Management
  • Reservation Management
  • Sales Management & Integration
  • Flexible Reporting

TaskTrack is a web-based issue tracking solution that enables our customers to consolidate, monitor and manage their issue-based processes anytime, from anywhere.

TaskTrack is designed for high efficiency in human resource utilization and business process effectiveness. It has a user-friendly interface and advanced integration capabilities that offers the maximum net value for our customers. TaskTrack enables managers to monitor all pending issues on different personnel and intervene if necessary.

TaskTrack allows companies to move all their paper-based processes to a digital environment, thus enabling significant performance gains and avoid many headaches that arise from communication and business flow problems.

TaskTrack displays current issue distribution and status information, success ratios, department-personnel drill-down etc. all in one intuitive interface that gives you full process control. Also, all issues can be displayed according to their stages and statuses in the predefined business flow, which provides valuable information on exploring bottlenecks, staff performance analysis, ability to increase sales chances and so on.

  • Role Management
  • User/User Group (Task Group) Management
  • Issue Management
  • Operation and Status Management
  • Rules Management (Alerts)
  • Customer and Contact Management
  • Reporting and Monitoring